2021 Christmas Party

Christmas is the highlight of the ending of every year on Rescue the poor calendar and the Christmas party is one of the most waited for event. Nothing can separate us from enjoying Christmas and this year, we expect it to be even bigger as we grow our celebrations every year.

2021 Christmas party will be at a beach in Entebbe called Kisubi Beach and it will be on December 20th. There is going to be a lot of kids’ fun activities and games and unlike years before, the uncles and aunties are going to entertain the children with activities like; eating competition, arm wrestling and athletics.


We expect to have about 100 people because of the Covid restrictions but we would have even more. Everything this year will be bigger and better. You are invited but please keep time because we might have too much fun and decide to shift the fun to another location. Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2022.